Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 12: A Quiet Day

Today was  something of a rest day for Sage, she has been working (and playing) hard lately and seemed as though she could use a quieter day.
Sage sleeps in some odd positions :)
She wasn't in a hurry to get up, and after breakfast went right back to bed.

We went for a nice long ramble in the morning, and Sage was off leash much of the time - she came running back to me whenever I called her, even if she was running flat out away from me, poking around in a creek, or rummaging  in the undergrowth .

We also played hide and seek among the trees, which was funny to see the first time I tried it, peaking out behind a tree out of her sight. She stopped dead when she couldn't see me anywhere and looked as confused as if I had  been taken up in a spaceship.  When I popped out briefly, she raced towards me completely thrilled that the aliens hadn't landed after all.

At lunch time Sage had another long nap 
 In the afternoon, we went for another walk and Sage practiced walking on leash without pulling on a long walk around my property. This wasn't entirely successful because it is the most difficult place of all to walk by my side, on just her leash and flat collar. But we persisted and she did quite well in some parts. In between, I let her run off leash to get some energy out.

Back home, Sage practiced Bed, Down, some long Stays, and Settle. She was very happy to do this kind of work today :)

 And late in the evening, when we both got a second wind, we played whistle recall games. by now she is getting very good at this in side and comes zooming whenever i blow the whistle. the reward this evening, because she was in a playful mood, was playing with her favorite tennis ball-with-a-squirrel-tail, and other small squeaky creatures.

We also had some big cuddles today, just because .... she is a furry angel!

Tomorrow, we'll get back to work on leash walking  in town. Time for bed! Sage sends you a goodnight cuddle.

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