Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 14: Wrapping Up

Sadly we are nearing the end of Sage's stay, and today was the last day before she goes home that I could get her groomed. (Marie's Paw Spa isn't open on Saturdays).

In the morning we went for a leisurely pre-grooming ramble - it is something of a tradition to get my boarding dogs really dirty, before I take them to Marie! She is very good natured about it. But today we didn't get really muddy - just wet, as it was raining quite hard.  Not the best moment for photos.

Back home we dried off and went over all of Sage's training exercises, including her whistle recall.

While we were taking a break, I was checking email and Facebook. I played a video  that their owner had put on Facebook --  it was a video of two of Sage's classmates (Rowdy and Harmony) practicing whistle  recalls. Sage woke from her nap, leapt up, and came running to me when she heard the whistle (except it wasn't me blowing it, it was in the video!) Of course she got a big treat anyway. Looks like the whistle protocol is working :)

Next we went into town to do some leash walking practice before going to the groomer. We did so much work yesterday that I kept this short -  but Sage did fine in another new area.

At Marie's Paw Spa, Sage met a Chow, a Shar Pei, and a mini-Schnauzer. She wasn't thrilled about being dropped off, but as usual she was very good and gentle and everyone began falling in love with her there too.

She looked stunning when I picked her up - so white, soft and fluffy. I wished I could bring her straight home to you like this!   I took some photos instead. I have something special planned for tomorrow but we won't be doing anything really muddy so she should be able to make it home almost as good as she is now.
Posing outside Marie's Paw Spa
My best side, please!
Sage, say Cheese!
Happy girl!
So cute and fluffy
The rest of the day was quiet for Sage. It is usually pretty tiring for dogs to be groomed so I let her sleep and worked on her handover notes and summary report.  Tomorrow we will spend more time training, so I needed to get the report mostly done today. I am looking forward to you being reunited with your beautiful sweet girl! She sends you a very fragrant kiss!

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  1. What a fluffy beautiful girl! Smiling for the pictures.